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Dec 10, 2006 06:28 PM

best toast (msp)

Greetings Chowhounds-

We just returned from breakfast at my new favorite place, the Colossal Cafe, which has, among other lovely things, excellent toast made from homemade bread. The fine folks at the next table mentioned that toast has actually become a kind of indulgence in contemporary America, as it is rather a carb-fest. And so, I think that the topic of toast merits further discussion here; specifically, I would like to hear about your best toast experiences.

Where have you had the best toast? At home? At a restaurant? In England, with marmite? What bread makes the best toast? What do you put on it? Do tell.

My nominees for the best toast are:
- Colossal Cafe - thickly sliced homemade wheat baguette with butter
- Birchwood Cafe - thinly sliced, multigrain bread by Atom

I eagerly await your replies ;-)

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  1. Hell's Kitchen. The bread isn't particularly memorable, but the homemade peanut butter and berry-ginger preserves are.

    1. excellent, Jordan, thanks! I apparently need to go back to Hell's kitchen and try this.

      anyone else? surely there must be more toast aficionados out there??

      1. Actually, I love the buffalo bread at Hell's Kitchen, so much so that I requested the recipe from them. It's an odd hearty, meaty yet moist bread.

        I also like the toast at French Meadow. I can't think of one type specifically but you get a slice or two of whatever they've got open in the back when you order breakfast there. It's just a nice little suprise each time.

        1. I'm embarrassed to admit, I like the Texas toast that comes with the fried chicken at Skinner's Pub and Eatery on Randolph in St. Paul. I like the fried chicken, too, thought, it's a bit on the salty side. The nachos there look amazing, too--they're piled high with all kinds of cheese and beans and other goodies and served on a platter the size of a pizza. Someday, I might try those, but, the opportunity cost of not ordering the chicken+toast might be too high.


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          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            Count me in as a Texas Toast fan. Although I don't eat it any more, I still dream of the TT from the Best Steak House (I ate there often as a poor college student). Thick, crispy, drenched in butter - or whatever - a yummy calorie fest!


          2. The toastest with the mostest IMO was the oatmeal bread toast from the Ole Store in Northfield. The bread was alright but something happened when it was toasted that made it out of this world. I'm not sure if they're still serving it but if they do it's almost worth the drive.