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Need takeout on Christmas Day

Two kids under three, two dogs & a spouse who works on Christmas... I'm not cooking! Please help me find somewhere decent that will do takeout or delivery on Christmas Day. Will drive within reason from St Clair & Dufferin.

Last year we were stuck with Domino's. It was dreadful, anxious not to repeat.


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  1. 3's Company on Danforth at Lamb (E of Greenwood) will prepare your Christmas Dinner for pick-up on Christmas Day. They might even do delivery. It's not cheap, I think $150 for dinner for six.
    Here's a link : http://www.3scompanycafe.com/
    Their website isn't up to date, but contact information is there.

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      I was at a wedding recently that 3's Company catered and the food and presentation was lovely.

      ...or you could always go with the Jewish Christmas tradition--Chinese take-out and a Woody Allan movie. There's usually a point at about 4 pm on Christmas Day when I wish my family was Jewish...

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        I was there for brunch Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend and some staff were having lunch, it was turkey dinner and they seemed enthusiastic! Brunch was great, I think this is one place that could do a nice homestyle Christmas dinner quite well.

      2. The Royal York and Four Seasons Hotels - maybe others - will prepare full-course Christmas Dinners (or simply turkey, stuffing and gravy) for pick up Christmas Eve or Day.

        1. There is a gourmet takeout place on Wellesley just east of Bay that does individual meals for the holidays so you can order exactly how much you need. Forget the name... just beside Sutton place on North side...

          Also Thuet does full bird and trimmings takeout for holidays.

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            Have you ever had food from that gourmet takeout place? (I don't remember the name of it either, until recently, I never saw anyone in there). How was the food?

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              Yes I have eaten there several times the lady who owns it is quite nice. Seems to have a lot of regular customers as she knows many by name. The food is precooked and reheated so things like lamb stew are best and shrimp dishes and such are mearly OK. For $12 you get a something you would pay $25 at a restaurant.

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                It is called Gourmet Food by Frances at 24 Wellesley St W between Bay and Yonge... nice deserts too. But I think she does a fixed menu for Christmas that is pretty traditional..

            2. Check this weeks www.gremolata.com. All The Best Foods has a table d hote styled menu advertised, just for Christmas and New Years

              1. I recently moved from NYC where I am very used to serviced holiday dinners.

                On American Thanksgiving (late Nov) the Royal York supplied - soup, turkey, amazing stuffing (to quote my guests), gravy/sauce, cranberry sauce, roasted potatoes, veggies, bread, I purchased 2 pies, don't recall the package deal. It was for 12 people - easily could have served 16 -18. We had to pick it up - they did have re-heating instructions but not as good as it should be.

                In NYC, we used www.freshdirect.com - check it out. If Toronto develops this type of ability I will be very happy :


                From price point - may never cook a turkey again:)! I believe the smallest package is for 8.

                Be careful if re-heating - use a thermometer. If you decide to use this service I will forward more specific advice.

                Hey - never cooked in the holidays! but in NYC they would deliver - here we did have to pick up.

                1. Thanks... what if I don't even want Christmas dinner?! Personally, not a big turkey fan. I'll look for the gourmet takeout place - does anyone have a name for it?

                  Suggestions for good Chinese takeout that doesn't require negotiating street parking on Spadina?


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                    Sea-Hi at Bathurst, south of Wilson is a Jewish stand-by on Christmas. They can deliver too. You just need to order about an hour and a half before you want to eat.
                    If you don't mind waiting a bit longer and paying a bit more for delivery, try Cynthia's. It's in Thornhill on the Promenade grounds. I love their food.

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                        I would agree with you for the most part, but I seem to be in the minority with a lot of people I know who order from them. I do prefer Cynthia's myself and generally order from there.
                        I suggested Sea-Hi because I know so many people who enjoy it.

                  2. We did Pusateri's 2 yrs ago on Christmas eve. HAd lamb. The food was delic. The only complaint I had was that their re-heating instructions were awful - totally underestimated what we needed to do to make the foot warm let alone hot! So, make sure to get details. Even if they are not open Christmas day, I am sure you could pick up everything on the 24th.