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Dec 10, 2006 05:17 PM

Christmas Dinner in Edmonton

hi again ... still on the lookout for the elusive jerusalem artichoke.

on another topic, my boyfriend and i are staying in edmonton for christmas and not heading back east. any idea of which restaurants do a christmas dinner? we're looking for something nice to celebrate our first christmas - but cooking a turkey for two just doesn't seem like fun!

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  1. Are you looking for traditional Christmas fare or any other kind of food? And which day - most places are closed on Christmas Day, except probably Chinese restaurants!

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      Chinese restaurants are open any day they can make money, so they are definitely open on Xmas day :)

    2. hmmm- i was thinking semi-traditional fare, but i've been told many places will already be booked up, so at this point i'd take all suggestions. chinese could be very interesting!

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        If you want traditional Chinese, I would suggest Jumbo in the west end, Golden Rice Bowl on the south side, or maybe Century Palace if you're downtown. A banquet dinner is fun, but only good if you have more people. If there are two of you, ask the waiter about 2-person meals or 3-person meals (they're preset dishes). And be careful to make sure it's off of the Chinese menu - some places have a separate Canadian menu with food court stuff like chicken balls. For something different, Golden Rice Bowl also has Peking Duck (you must pre-order a day or two ahead), which comes with 3 dishes (soup, duck skin wraps, and a meat dish).

        I'll let someone else comment on traditional fare as I'm not 100% sure where you'd find turkey, etc.

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          After I posted I saw this from
          The Blue Plate Diner - Winter Solstice Feast: Friday, December 22
          Serving Traditional Roast Turkey Dinner and Fabulous, Homespun Vegetarian Specials

      2. This might be too late, but as we learned in our current stay in Jasper, the only places to dine on Xmas day this year are the hotels (reservations a must) and the Cantonese restaurant in town (even L&W is closed!).The labour crunch in Alberta might have something to do with it.
        Back in Edmonton, the Westin used to have a traditional turkey duinner for take-out, they might still have it.
        If you are going the Chinese route i would consider the Saiwoo in Chinatown (ignore the first two pages of the menu- strictly for Gweilos) They have the best crispy fried chicken in town, and are famous for their fried calamari and black bean crab. The Kaylan with garlic sauce and their bean curd hot pot are also excellent. Their Wor Wonton soup is a memorable way to warm up.
        I am making this recomendation in the spirit of the season, as it is already hard enough to get a table at the Saiwoo on weekends...

        1. I would recommend ordering swiss chalet the day before since on xmas I am sure they are closed but you never know ( I would phone and ask if they do take-out or delivery on x-mas) but order the swiss chalet chritmas speacil feast they have every year a day before put it in fridge wrapped good and the meal is ready x-mas. Or you can order the day before any where really but x-mas fare swiss chalet is best or get a pre-cooked chicken at safeway,superstore ect. they may have pre-cooked turkey? the day or 2 days before?