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Best croissant in New York

Where can I get the best croissant in New York?

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    1. To make it easy for you, in case you're in a hurry, Claude's on 4th and Barrow.

      1. i'm pretty sure claude's is the best croissant anywhere outside of france. its really a struggle to limit the amount of croissants you eat there.

          1. Patisserie Claude, definitely. We're huge converts.


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            1. Go for Patisserie Claude's or possibly Silver Moon Bakery's.

              1. Is it likely that all this will change after the trans-fat ban takes effect?

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                  No. Croissants are made with butter, which (strangely enough) hasn't been targeted in the latest anti-fat health craze.

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                    ... and for this i am extremely thankful. phew!!! btw, i like your username, NAtiveNewYorker

                2. Patisserie Claude or La Bergamote

                  1. Here's a croissant tip: buy almost any descent croissant and microwave it for 10 seconds.

                    I find that warmth beats recipe, and I live near Claude. (I'd rather eat a warm one from Hudson Bagel on Hudson Street than a cold one from Claude.)

                    1. Ceci-Cela
                      Spring St (Between Lafayette Street and Mulberry Street)

                      1. Ceci-Cela's are definitely great.