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Dec 10, 2006 04:33 PM

Crab Cakes in Fresno?

Last really good ones I had was years ago when Echo was still alive in the Tower District and they were only offered occasionally.

I hear that Flemings and Lantana have them on the menu as apps, iirc. Any hounds given them a try or found another source?

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  1. Fleming's crab cakes are wretched.

    1. Sorry PB, I haven't had decent crab cakes in Fresno. The Central Fish Company downtown has a little restaurant attached to it and they serve all kinds of fish. I would call them to see if they serve crab cakes because while the ambiance leaves much to be desired, the fish is fresh.

      1. I have had then at Lantana and they were nothing special. Good but not "wow" good.

        1. try Max's - they are on the menu right now

          1. What about The Manhattan? I *love* their almond prawns. I haven't tried the crab cakes yet, but I bet they are excellent.