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Dec 10, 2006 04:24 PM

Have you ever gone back to a restaurant that you thought was so great when you were "younger" and realize now that your more "wiser" its not all that?

last night a group of 11 of us went to holiday dinner at one of the more upscale restaurants in our area.

now, before i moved away when i was 22 i had been to this restaurant numerous times for special occasions. 10 years later, and some kick-ass restaurants in fla and ca, perhaps my taste buds have matured :)

i was really excited to go last night, and we had a GREAT time being all together, and the food was good, but nothing like i remembered and was anticipating, do you know what i mean?

the bar area was still very nice & cozy, but the dining room reminded me of a 80s banquet hall with no atmosphere at all, the waitressing were very nice, but almost intimidated by our table size, the salad- ah this salad i was craving all day for- wasnt quite the salad i "remembered" and the veal dish i have had many time, the same thing.

i wonder if the restaurant maybe went downhill, or if i have been spoiled by such better food?

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  1. Definitely. Ex-boyfriends/girlfriends fall in the same vain.

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      1. re: applehome

        Yep, vein, my fingers getting faster than my brain. But, maybe it was a Freudian slip...

    1. After many similar experiences of going back after several decades to hometowns, memorable hotels, bars, beaches, etc.--
      I am here to tell you that odds are it will not match up to your memories and will leave you disappointed. What changed?--the place, the people or me or my ability to remember or perceive? Who knows? Don't do it. Move forward to new places. As Wolfe said, "You Can't Go Home Again."

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      1. well I know 20 years ago I liked places that had food that tasted good after getting baked. So I was not that picky.

        1. I'm getting on in years and reaching back to a lot of things I remember fondly: TV, movies ("that was so awesome, that midnight horrorama with a bucket-of-blood triple feature"), food (said I'd hate it but once I tried it I ate nothing else for a week), etc. Some people go back and search out old friends, or even less advisable memories.

          Sadly, in my experience, most of these things just don't match the memories. The few that do ... I don't dare tell anyone about (the "ate nothing else for a week" was Franco-American canned spaghetti).

          Of course, it's a little harder to do with restaurants - most of my remembered ones are gone (your memories go back 10 years, mine are more like 30 years old). Still, every now and then there's a pleasant surprise.

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          1. re: wayne keyser

            omg thats scary..i've never tried canned sgaghetti because i'm sure i'll hate it... but, WHAT IF I LOVE IT!?!?!?! then all my carefully constructed ideas about food will collapse... i shudder to think. Maybe i will stay on the safe side and not try it...ever.

          2. I recently went to a restaurant I visited as a 12 year old and remembered it as a white table cloth steak house. Turns out the decor is actually half-way towards rec-room. We mature as we age. Thankfully, it works in the other direction too. I've enjoyed books that made no sense to me at all when I was assigned to read them in school.