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Dec 10, 2006 04:00 PM

stovetop smoker - are these recommended?

I live in an apartment in NYC, so outdoor smoking is not an option. I've read good things about a stovetop smoker being sold on Amazon:
(the Cameron Cookware Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker). There's also an "Emerilware" cast-iron one. Does anybody have any experience with these?

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  1. We have the Cameron and it works even better than you'd expect.

    1. I absolutely love mine! You can smoke anything on this; I even did a standing rib roast, using a tightly fitting tent of heavy duty foil. I have the Cameron (have had it for years).

      1. I have the Cameron, as well. I don't love it as much as the other posters here (largely because I find the heat very difficult to regulate) but I certainly appreciate having it around. However, I use it pretty often as part of the cooking process - ie. start ribs, fish, whatever in there to get flavor and then finish in an oven.

        Given how cheap these things are to buy, it's a pretty good investment. I STRONGLY suggest buying the Cherry wood chips if you plan on doing ribs. Great for infusing some smokey goodness.

        1. There is an alternative. Line a cast iron pot with foil, with plenty of overlap. Drop in some black tea leaves, brown sugar, and uncooked rice grains. Put in a rack and what you want to smoke. Put on the lid, fold the excess foil over the lid for the best seal you can manage. Turn up the heat for a few minutes, then turn down low for 20-30 minutes, depending on what you are smoking. Works like a charm. You'll need to experiment once or twice.