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Dec 10, 2006 04:00 PM

Red Hook Smackdown

This weekend I went to 360, last weekend to The Good Fork. My personal Van Brunt face-off. And? Well its all Good fork going forward. Good Fork felt inspired, 360 tired.
Good fork; the service was great, the setting clean and comfortable. 360, well, 360 feels worn and a tad out of control. As for the food. The bread at the start is usually a dead give away. The Good Forks bread was some of the best I have ever had, and came with butter and bit of cheese. The bread at 360 was cold and a tad stale. I mean if you cant get the bread right. So it went throughout the meal.

360 was good, just not great. Good Fork was great.

Then there are the Bars. Sunny's has long been my favorite bar in Brooklyn. But last night it was overrun with hipsters. Geez, is there anything they wont ruin?
The other three bars, Bait and tackle, the one just a few doors north of bait and tackle, and Hope and Anchor are all wonderful bars with great music selections, cant the hipsters go there? Hmmm?

Its nice to see Red Hook getting some attention. You just wonder what happens should there be a nasty recession.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I've never been to Sunny's due to their really weird hours...only open 2 days a week after 8 or something? I can never remember when it's open. Too bad about the hipsters, but pretty predictable. We usually go to Bait & Tackle for their 2 for 1 special and nice bartenders. What did you like besides the bread at Good Fork?

        1. I've been to 360 about 7 or 8 times, most recently last summer. It's been good to very good on every visit. I think it's less about 360 being "tired" than you being tired of 360.

          And that's fine. I'm glad you liked Good Fork. Reviews on the board have been mixed. Could you give us some more details about what you liked?

          1. The food at 360 was tasty but not inspired. It had thought but not heart. For example, an endive salad with duck and hazelnuts was just some ingredients placed on a plate. Fine to eat (except the duck was a bit funky tasting), but lacking in depth. The monkfish cheeks themselves were quite tasty, the accompaniements fine, but not so overwhelmingly good in and of itself to warrant a trip to Red Hook. The steak was very good, but it was a steak. The bread pudding was yummy. I'm not saying it was a bad experience in any way, just lacking depth. As for service, the table was a bit ignored.

            The service at the Good Fork, however, was very amicable. My wife saw that they were lacking in house specialty drinks with vodka, and they very nicely whipped up a good blood orange cosmo for her. The chive and pork dumplings were wonderful, gaining flavour as they cooled. For the main course I had the steak with Kimchee rice. It was a much better cut of meat then I got at 360, and the rice was a nice different touch that worked very well. The cake at the end was rich without being cloying.

            Prunefeet. I agree on Bait and tackle.