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Dec 10, 2006 03:54 PM

Great Coffee at Great Prices?

I've been buying my whole-bean coffee via mail order for quite some time now, and have been fairly satisfied, but, with all the choices out there, I'm wondering if there are other coffee roasters I ought to be trying. I used to buy from Armeno Coffee Roasters up in Northborough, MA. Then I switched to Porto Rico Importing in NYC because their prices are so very reasonable and I'm within their 1-day UPS delivery area. Recently I tried Terroir Coffee Company, also in MA, which has excellent coffee, but it's pretty pricey. I guess what I'm looking for is great coffee at great prices. Any suggestions?

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  1. Zumbach's in New Canaan CT is developing a website for mail order I think. They import their own beans and roast on site. Their coffee is top notch. WHen they go live I;d be interested in seeing the prices.

    If you are in the 'hood stop by as they have whatever they feel like making that morning for a large for $2. Blows starbs away.

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      New Canaan is a long way to go for a cup of coffee (I'm near Wilmington, DE), but I'll be on the lookout for their website. As for Starbucks -- I'd rather drink NO coffee than their consistently over-roasted stuff.

      I hate to sound plebian but try Melitta, see their web site, for Columbian coffee. It has that wonderful Columbian taste, yet it comes in a can and looks like any other ordinary commercial supermarket coffee. I say see their website because supermarkets don't usually carry their Columbian and the price is surprisingly low for such quality arabica coffee with such a wonderful flavor.