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Dec 10, 2006 03:45 PM

Pearl of Lisbon (formerly Pearl of the Sea), Long Branch

I never made it to Pearl of the Sea, but dined at Pearl of Lisbon for the first time last night. The food as well as the overall dining experience were quite good. I was expecting more of a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, but the space (perhaps because it is a new location) was very nice. The garlic shrimp appetizer and red sangria were as good as what you get in the Ironbound. My whole red snapper (literally served whole with head, tail and bones) was excellent, although picking out the bones was a bit of a chore. My wife's filet mignon was very tender and a huge portion for $20. The kids enjoyed homemade chicken strips (not frozen) and hand-cut fries.

The menu is extensive. If anyone has been to the former or present location, I'd appreciate any menu suggestions as we plan on returning.

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  1. I live a few blocks away and want to try it. What is the price range for entrees? And does it have small tables crowded next to each other?

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      Entrees were mostly in the $18 - $25 price range. A few entrees topped out at $30. Very reasonable considering the quality and portion size we received. The space isn't huge, but the tables seemed to be adequately spaced. There were only 3 or 4 other tables occupied when we ate so we had no issue with crowding.

    2. Thanks for posting this. That garlic shrimp appetizer sounds really good.

      We used to enjoy it in rotation when it was tucked into the Ocean Place compound, reliably good. I know the owner was worrying about the move and if they would lose their 'built-in' clientele from the hotel nearby.

      I remember enjoying bbq chicken there awhile back and had a very nice fried fish platter another time. Sounds like it's time to schedule a visit to the new digs.

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        Does anyone remember when it was a dingy hole in the wall place accross the street from the boardwalk next to where the old waterslide used to be? It looked like a cheesy chicken and rib place, and further threw you off with a faded "Gyro" poster in the front window. What gave it away was when you walked by in mid afternoon on weekends the place was PACKED. It was often patronized by groups of LB police on their afternoon breaks. On the inside the day's menu was scrawled on a blackboard over the counter. If you looked into the back, most of the cooking was done on half-barrel charcoal grills. Ordering was always an adventure as speaking English was not a high priority among the wait staff, but the food was great!

      2. A frequent special at the old location was rabbit, and it was always delicious. Shellfish dishes and whole fish were always reliable, too. Have not been to the new location, however.

        1. I ate in the former location and had the goat stew. It was excellent. It was not prepared the same way as you would expect a typical beef stew to look. Individual pieces of goat meat were circled around the outer part of the plate.

          1. Since it is Portuguese food the garlic chrimp appetizers are ALWAYS delicious. Also, I have not been there but I am sure they have an appetizer of Chorizo sausage which you should never miss while eating at a Portuguese place.