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Dec 10, 2006 03:35 PM

Coffee to go around 10th Ave. & 23rd St.

Being lazy on Sun morning and craving good coffee, where would you go grab one around 10th Ave. and 23rd Street? Thanks!

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  1. Probably not close enough, but the new branch of Cafe Grumpy on 20th between 7th and 8th is very good.

    1. Sounds like a great place. Thanks.

      1. Just stopped by Cafe Grumpy on 20th, and had the best espresso I've ever had. It was rich and strong with that heavy mouth feel you only get from good espresso. They take their brewed coffee seriously there, too, with several kinds on offer from around the world. I'm told the selection changes from day to day. It's a tiny place with only a few tables, and they don't even have a bathroom. But as far as coffee goes, it's aces.

        1. As far as I know, there's really nothing on the weekend, with matchbox gone (decent coffee, good neighbors - sad to see them go but anxiously awaiting Tia Pol's little sister replacement).

          The closest decent cup of drip is at choux factory, closest good espresso is chelsea market. During the week, bottino-to-go's drip is fine and close.

          We could really use a great coffee place in the area - would be very happy to see one of those funky (check cashing, cardboard pizza) places on the East side of 10th btwn 24 and 25 get replaced with a real coffee shop.

          1. Cafe Grumpy would be your best bet. They've got 2 Clover machines (the latest in coffee brewing) to prepare your coffee to order. So you're guaranteed fresh and precisely extracted coffee. Currently they're featuring a handful of coffees from Counter Culture and Ecco Caffe. Also, they have a 3-group Synesso and are producing delicious shots of Ecco Reserve espresso. Seating is limited but don't let that stop you if it's great coffee you're looking for.