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Dec 10, 2006 02:54 PM

Giaccomo's or Conti's? for Italian market.

I live about 1 hr from each,if I'm going to make the trip, which should I choose?

in Raleigh-Durham, sorry.

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  1. depends on what you're going for. if you want salumi, hit giacomo's. in house made, and really excellent. their hot soppressata is f'in awesome. conti's has a bunch of imported italian stuff that is hard to find outside of southern season (and without paying tons of money for it). put it this way-- i'd drive an hour to giacomo's... i don't know if i'd do that for conti's.

    1. call before you go to conti's, a friend told me they closed. i am not sure if she is right or not. where is giacomo's?

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        not closed... i was just there getting a wine order the other day. let's nip that in the bud, shall we?

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          Giacomo's is in Greensboro. We're starting to get some of their stuff at specialty stores here in Charlotte, though, so I think they're branching out.

        2. i'd go for: prosciutto di parma, mortadella, house made salumi(!) like sorpressata, and
          ... yeah i can go to southern season for risotto rice -

          a couple dried things, though -- dried porcini mushrooms that don't cost an arm, stracchino chesse aka crescenza, or scamorza, oh and...
          fresh fettucine!! where the h** can i buy that?

          thanks guys!

          1. Giacomo's without a doubt. Pork Heaven. Be sure to ask if they have any special Christmas time treats. The have fresh fettucine with a different flavor every day. I think they will cut it as either fettucine, spaghtti or lasagna noodles. Not sure about their cheeses but they do house made ricotta and mozz. Sample all of the house made meats they will gladly indulge you. And don't forget a cannoli or a palmier on your way out

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                cannoli and sfogliatelle. Though I have only seen the sfogliatelle at the new garden store but is should be at both. This website only gives you a hint of what they offer though it has been significantly upgraded in the last few months They may still have some home made wine left

            1. that is good news that they are open. wasn't trying to be a rumor monger