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Dec 10, 2006 01:50 PM

Lai Wah Heen - Negative review

I finally made it there this week and was greatly disappointed. Service good, decor nice, food blah. More specifically:

Hot & Sour soup: Good but nothing special. No pork shreds and could tiny pieces of shrip

Smoked Duck with pickled vegetable: Dry, tasteless and of a few, very thin slices. The pickled vegetables were a few shreds of carrot for garnish.

Deep fried oysters honey glazed. Blah and too sweet.

I realize that this is a small sample, but really, how in the world does this place get the rave reviews? How do they manage to get away with charging their prices? Is their rep entire rest on dim sum? Too bad they don't serve it at dinner time.

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  1. It's been too long since I was last there to really argue the point; I've had one dinner there in the distant past which I quite enjoyed, and dim sum maybe five times, latest about three years ago.

    So, basically, if they've gone downhill, I can't argue the point.

    1. Their dim sum has definitely gone downhill. Both of the last few times I've been, I've been quite disappointed.

      1. My last visit was a couple of months back, and I was more impressed than on previous visits. It was still the best in the city (that I've had). But, it seems like it's a bit patchy.