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Dec 10, 2006 01:50 PM

Had dinner at Carbone last night

I didn't see a mention of this place. The have a 100+ year old coal fired brick oven. The margarita pizza was very good. compared to some of my old stand bys, Nick's and Anthony's, crust a bit thicker a bit crispy and crispier and more cheesy with a hint of pepper in the sauce. The eggplant rollatini was yummy, eggplant not mushy at all.

The service was very friendly though we had to stay on top of them to get things coming in the right order. The salad that came with the rollatini dinner never came, but then we just wanted it as an appetizer, they took $3.00 off the check.

i did get to go back and have a nice look at the coal oven.

I'd go back, easy.

they are on W 38th ST between 8th and 9th avenue

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  1. I've been wondering about this place. How was the atmosphere?

    1. Atmosphere was very casual. Bar in front very narrow room with room for about 10-11 deuces. Margarita 12" pie was $12 and the rollatini diner was $14 (I think).

      Apparently the owners have a 2nd place in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn