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Dec 10, 2006 12:47 PM

Muriel's recently?

I'm exploring the option of having my wedding reception at Muriel's. I was wondering if anyone has eaten there regularly, either at the restaurant, or for a catered event there. I know restaurants go up and down, and I've read some mixed reviews about their food on here. Thanks!

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  1. my fiancee and i ate there a few weeks ago, and my advice: stay away. service was mediocre; food was cold; and the price for what was served was ridiculous.

    1. I totally agree with eddhead's assessment of Muriel. I didn't have any problems with the service, but for the price they were charging, I expected much, much better food.

      1. They have a brand new chef so past reports are out the window.

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          That's really good to know. Those are the changes I'm talking about. When did the new chef start there? Thanks!

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            I do not know exactly when he started, but it was mentioned by the food critic on Steppin Out on channel 12 last Friday. She gave her experience a positive review.

        2. I ate brunch there last Sunday on my last day in NOLA, and was pretty disappointed. The shrimp and goat cheese crepes were pretty good, although I would have been hard-pressed to find any shrimp. The "Creole" eggs benedict were no different than any other eggs benedict I've had other places...I couldn't figure out what was "Creole" about them. I had one Bloody Mary and two food dishes and the tab was $37 including a 20% tip for my poor waiter. He said his assistant hadn't shown up the day before and was fired, and he was hobbling around with a bone spur on one of his feet...which I've had and was sympathetic to.

          If I had known there was a new chef, I probably would have picked someplace else.

          1. The night we were engaged we ate at Muriels and that was back in Spring 2005. At that time they were very nice and gave us a round on the house, along with complementary dessert as we were celebrating.

            Despite being slightly underwhelmed by the meal, we chose to go back for a few drinks and an appetizer on our honeymoon. The bartender took forever to serve us, and when we mentioned we had our enagement dinner there and were on our honeymoon, she merely walked off. After that kind of "we don't care about special occasions" service, I would never recommend someone celebrating something so special as their wedding day at Muriels. The one positive is the reception space upstairs is beautiful.

            Best of luck on your upcoming nuptuals, there are a lot of beautiful places to get married offering fabulous food in NOLA!