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Dec 10, 2006 04:07 AM

playing dress up...

i've gotta ask:

where in the greater LA where i can go for a nice, fancy dinner? a place where men and women alike don their best for the evening to enjoy great cuisine? i'm not talking "trendy" where everyone's looks good, but are dressed in basically clubbing attire... i'm envisioning an old-school classy (not stuffy) joint with black&white attire.

... of course, without compromising quality of food. any type of cuisine. any price range.


as always, thank you,

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  1. Lawry's.
    100 N. La Cienega Boulevard
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    (310) 652-2827

    Musso and Frank Grill.
    6667 Hollywood Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028-6220
    (323) 467-7788

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    1. re: chica

      Well, Lawry's has the old-school vibe but the average dress is pretty bad -- tourists in tourist clothing, college kids in "frat suits" (khaki pants, button down shirt).

      Your best bet is either to get invited to a country club, or to go to the one public restaurant with a jacket-and-tie dress code, on the Queen Mary.

      I personally hate eating in a tie, but I can appreciate the need :)

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        We dress up to go to Lawry's, but we've seen people in shorts there. So wrong. Last summer we saw this lady in a muu-muu (sp?) that really looked like she was in her housedress - complete with no bra and pendulous boobs down to her waist. Ick. On the other hand I literally can't remember the last time my husband put on a tie to go eat anywhere or for any reason other than weddings, funerals and bar/bat mitzvahs.

    2. Don't know if you can still get in, since it's closing at the end of the year.....but people are always elegantly dressed at L'Orangerie.

      1. It's LA, so you will have to be seated next to baseball caps and t-shirts almost anywhere you go. You won't feel too out of place however at Water Grill, Saddle Peak Lodge, Sona, Providence, Spago, Madeo, The Hotel Bel Air, or Gardens at the Four Seasons.
        Worst case you look like you have somewhere more important to go after.

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        1. re: cls

          My family had dinner at the Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Pasadena for my parents' anniversary... I'm pretty sure their website mentioned the jacket requirement, and I was very disappointed to see men without as much as a tie having dinner there. Perhaps it was because it was a Wednesday night, but still. Certainly, there were other people there dressed as we were but just as many who weren't. You'll be hardpressed to find what you're looking for in L.A. (but I guess that's what I love about this place...)

        2. La Dolce Vita in Beverly Hills.
          If I remember correctly, they even have a special dress-up day (Fridays?), you might want to call & ask.

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          1. re: RicRios

            I was going to make this same suggestion. La Dolce Vita is one of my grandmother's favorite spots, and going out to dinner with her is always a dress-up affair.