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Dec 10, 2006 03:01 AM

recommendation for good sashimi/omakase in LA/OC?

My buddy and i love great sashimi but we're from san diego, haven't really had the opportunity to eat in LA/OC.

i'd like to stick around OC area or east LA (traffic on a friday to LA is horrible on the 60).

wondering if there are any places of interest for high quality/tasty sashimi/sush?

i heard about sushi wasabi, but not much else.


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  1. Sasabune on Wilshire has a great omakase, the "trust me" special. Outstanding cuts of fish on warm rice. About $70 pp w/o alcohol. A bit steep but worth it. But as crazy as it sounds, they are closed on the weekends (Saturday for sure, and they're closed either Fridays or Sundays, I can never remember.)

    1. wilshire is not worth the trouble to go to on a friday night =P

      but thank you for the rec! anyone else? any takers hum hum?

      1. what's your price range and favorites?

        1. to get a better idea- where exactly will you be located in the OC?

          1. i'm in Diamond bar. So i'll travel 30 miles in either direction west/south/north/east.

            no real favorites, good sashimi/sushi is all i need (no rolls/cooked dishes).

            and no price range anything for good food

            prefereably a place with a great sushi chef and omakase