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recommendation for good sashimi/omakase in LA/OC?

My buddy and i love great sashimi but we're from san diego, haven't really had the opportunity to eat in LA/OC.

i'd like to stick around OC area or east LA (traffic on a friday to LA is horrible on the 60).

wondering if there are any places of interest for high quality/tasty sashimi/sush?

i heard about sushi wasabi, but not much else.


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  1. Sasabune on Wilshire has a great omakase, the "trust me" special. Outstanding cuts of fish on warm rice. About $70 pp w/o alcohol. A bit steep but worth it. But as crazy as it sounds, they are closed on the weekends (Saturday for sure, and they're closed either Fridays or Sundays, I can never remember.)

    1. wilshire is not worth the trouble to go to on a friday night =P

      but thank you for the rec! anyone else? any takers hum hum?

      1. what's your price range and favorites?

        1. to get a better idea- where exactly will you be located in the OC?

          1. i'm in Diamond bar. So i'll travel 30 miles in either direction west/south/north/east.

            no real favorites, good sashimi/sushi is all i need (no rolls/cooked dishes).

            and no price range anything for good food

            prefereably a place with a great sushi chef and omakase

            1. u're in luck. that's my hometown. check out:

              sushi koyo
              868 n diamond bar blvd

              ... let me know how it goes :)

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                I have to try that out, since it's not far for me. How does that compare to the sushi at Jubei?

              2. i've been there before when they first opened. My mom told me in the last year everyone says its one of the best sushi places in the area but i dunno i didn't have a strong impression.

                fresh sushi and a sushi bar? i may have to revist if it does =)

                1. yes, fresh sushi!!

                  if you search on this board, i believe you may be able to find some chowhounders backing it as well... i always like his anago and butterfish. i think that's as good as you'll get in our area...

                  hope u aren't only around for the wknd, because he is closed on sundays.

                  1. nah i have winter break for about 5 weeks haha. I'm pretty close to it, i live close to DBHS.

                    i will visit it it this friday. if its good i'll be there quite a few times in the 5 weeks

                    thanks for the rec!

                    1. You must try Bluefin by Abe in the Crystal Cove promenade on PCH, Newport Coast. In my opinion, the best in Orange County.

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                        Second that one - can do it on your way to/from San Diego. Dinner omakase is kind of pricey though at $75. I believe there was a review with pictures a few months back. Lunch omakase is $30 and so well worth it. There are some cooked dishes besides sushi/sashimi though.

                          1. the two that i'm fond of in OC is sushi shibucho in costa mesa and Maki Zushi in tustin.

                            Ive only been to sushi shibucho once after reading the countless recs on here. The fish was fresh, unique and high quality. And also with the tiny space they occupy, it felt very homey and comfortable. It seems as there are only 3 people that work there. Father, son and mother. father and mother dont speak english but the son does. Omakase for two with two bottles of sapporo and tip cost me 120.

                            As for Maki Zushi, this is my current go-to spot for sushi. I tried this place after reading elmomonster's great blogs. I have been impressed with the quality of fish and the the variety of different fish that i have been able to try when i visit. Currently, they have the best yellowtail i have ever had. It almost just melts in my mouth. Ive had so many different things there. Just to name a few that come to mind, lobster tail sashimi(special ordered a whole live lobster), kumamoto oysters(smaller than most oysters, super tasty, a bit less oyster'y if that makes sense), bluefin toro from japan, big toro, yellowtail toro, albacore toro, spanish mackerel, kobe beef, toro handroll, live sweet shrimp(out of season currently), live uni, live scallop(one of my favs), japanese red snapper, japanese sea snail...thats all i can remember now but i know ive had a lot of other things also.
                            BTW its also 20% off for dinner currently.

                            1. Sushi Wasabi (traditional omakase, very good)
                              Abe (Matsahitsa style fusion sushi)
                              Shubicho (traditional style but not as high quality as Wasabi)

                              1. sushi wasabi is next on my list! first the place 2 miles from home so we can drink sake and be merry!

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                                  Your in Luck! Sushi Wasabi has Kubota "manjyu" for around 80- per bottle which is an amazing price considering it's one of the finest Sake's from Japan and sell at some Sushi bars between 100- to 150-.
                                  If your into traditional Sushi (small perfect pieces) you will be happy. If you want the Americanized Style then Wasabi won't work out for you. Wasabi definitely is the best Sushi in OC and we've been everywhere. Shubicho, Abe, Wasa, Kasen, Taiko, and a whole lot of others several times.

                                2. Hum on that note,

                                  i was at a sushi joint in SD and they served sake i guess with a big cup of ice and a strainer.

                                  i've seen it multiple times but i've never had the courage to ask about it, anyone know?