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Dec 10, 2006 02:21 AM

Looking for a recipe from 1973

My mother has asked my help in finding a recipe for maple pecan cheesecake that appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine around Thanksgiving 1973. I've had no luck online (the Globe's online archive has a bizarre gap from 1922-1979). I thought perhaps my fellow CHers might be able to help.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Hey Heather. Probably not quite what you were hoping for, but if no one here has the recipe itself, it does look like lots of local area libraries have the Globe on microfilm. I know for sure that BPL does, and probably most university libraries too. (I checked in Lexis-Nexis but they have the same annoying digitization gap that the Globe archive does.) But hopefully someone WILL pop up with the original. good luck!

    1. Have you tried contacting the Boston Globe Magazine directly? Archive are usually avail for a nominal charge. Good luck!

      1. Both are good ideas, thank-you! Funny thing is, my mother IS a librarian - you'd think going to the library would have been her first instinct! :-)