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Dec 10, 2006 01:54 AM

Burning Pear? Surgarland?

My search for Christmas Dinner is looking grim at best. Thanks for the recc's in the West Columbia/Lake Jackson area. Unfortunately, according to my phone calls, none of them will be open Christmas, including the three restaurants in our "resort hotel". I have yet to ask if that includes breakfast and/or the little coffee packets in our room.

B 4 U Eat lists the Burning Pear in Sugar Land as being open Christmas, and that's the closest (40 minutes) to us I have found so far. It appears to be in a Marriott. I haven't called them yet. Also, a "Dimassi's Mediterranian Buffet" is near that same area.

Have any of you tried either place?

Although I can always hope, I'm almost beyond looking for a delicious and memorable meal, at this point I'd accept "not depressing". In a few days I might be on the Home Cooking board asking for "what to pack with no refrigeration for a Christmas picnic in a hotel room".

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  1. The Burning Pear is indeed in the Sugar Land Marriott, and when it was new and Grady Spears' name was associated with it, it was quite good. I haven't been there in a couple of years. The Marriott will almost certainly be having a big Christmas buffet--call and see; they open up the grand ballroom for such occasions.
    Dimassi's has very good food, but it's a casual buffet, probably not where you would want to have Christmas dinner if you have other choices.
    In the same area, check Sugar Creek Grill and Cafe Natalie.

    1. I'm sorry to hear of your difficulty in finding a place. There has to be something open in the Brazosport area on Christmas. When my late father was alive we had a Christmas buffet a couple of times at a motel on 332, I believe it was a Ramada. The food was okay but nothing really special. The Marriott in Sugar Land would probably be better but this would be closer. There's a Johnny Carino's (Italian) in LJ; it's a chain, I've never been, but maybe something else to consider.

      My Dad had a lot of trouble finding a place for us to go when we went down to be with him. Closer to Christmas ads starting appearing in the local paper, but I can't remember any of the other places that were going to be open. There's a Luby's (cafeteria) in LJ, part of the Pappas operations; I don't know if they're going to be open, either.

      Here's a link to the local paper:

      I second the remarks above about DiMassi's - I love it but probably not for a celebration.

      Update: Just checked the Luby's site - nothing about being open but they do Holiday meals to go.

      Another update: here's a list of restaurants from the official LJ city site, and there's not much! The motel we ate at was probably the one now called the Cherotel; it was right next to the absolutely awful Country Cafe.

        1. Thanks so much. DiMassi's sounds like it might work just fine. There will only be the 3 of us, and casual will be fine. Statements like "very good food" and "love it" are just what I was looking for. I'll report.

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            The lamb shanks are great, and I also love the chicken pilaf and the spinach with feta in it. They have good baklava too, and the falafel is fine (but I like Droubi's falafel better).

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              I've never eaten at the Sugar Land location but at the Richmond location in Houston I always sit where I can see the brick oven so I can go up and get some hot pita just out of the oven. Hmmmm. Great taboulleh, hummus, babaganoug, etc. I find the spinach dish gets real bitter (turns black on the bottom) from being on the heat too long.

              Great dessert cookies though they put only one per saucer and I wind up carrying about six saucers back to my table.



            2. I'm Jewish, so my family and I have had this problem in the past. If you like Chinese, Fungs Kitchen is open on Christmas. My husband is Chinese (and by that, I mean that he is VERY picky about what Chinese food he will eat) and he gives Fungs Kitchen his stamp of approval. They have some amazing seafood dishes.. but my favorite is this crunchy noodle dish with vegetables.

              Its always crowded when we have gone on Christmas days past.

              Johnny Carinos sucks, in my opinion.