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Dec 10, 2006 12:55 AM

Manhattan eats for dirt cheap prices?

Where can I find the cheapest eats in Manhattan, preferably $5 or less a meal - that is filling too. Something, or somewhere that will make it feel like I'm having an actual meal (i.e. drink included). I'm tired of Chinese and french fries, which seems to be the only food I can find for under $5. Is wraps and sandwiches the second best option I have? Any locale is fine, since I'm on a hunt. Please help out guys, and thanks.

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  1. Nha Trang on Baxter has lots of Vietnamese options in the $4 range. I like the barbecued pork chop over rice ($4.25) and the pho tai ($3.75).

    I know you're trying to get away from sandwiches, but Banh Mi Saigon is not to be missed for $3.25.

    There are lots of falafel options out there in your price range, too. I tend to go to Mamoun's on Macdougal since it's most convenient to me, but there are several threads debating other options for good falafel.

    Dojo on W. 4th has lots of cheap options - check out the breakfast specials (served until 5 pm).

    It's a little above your price range, but pastas start at $5.95 at Pepe Rosso To Go on Sullivan.

    1. Bangal Curry on Church Street (close to Chamber Street) has both chicken / lamb curry with Rice or Naan combo mostly less than $5 (lunch and dinner). Also have vegetarian options.

      1. please ask these kind locals to direct you to a nice taco restaurant in say, Hell Kitchen. I found a few on prior visits -cannot remembers names. South of port authority-by the tunnel. homemade shells, savory filling (think salted beef, tongue, tripe), fresh cilantro and lime. swoon. When you say tired of chinese have you had the dumplings at the Dumpling House? Have you found the best bah mi sandwich or Pho (Vietmanese)

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          I've never tried Dumpling House, but I've had my share of dumplings. I've also tried numerous bahn mi sandwiches, and they are very good indeed - but they're usually grab-and-go type of places. I would prefer somewhere I can sit and eat, that'll be a big plus+. Thanks for the suggestions so far, guys!

        2. Wow, $5 isn't a lot to work with especially since you want a drink included. Here's a few:

          (1) Halal cart offerings are usually $4 or so. Beverages are another $1.

          (2) Two hotdogs and a drink special $3, at Gray's Papaya. (3 locs, 8AV/37St IMO is best).

          (3) Patsy's Pizza, 2 slices $3. Beverage $1 more.

          (4) Falafel, at you favorite spot is inexpensive. Mamoun's ? ...Rainbow?

          I'll post more if I think of any. : )

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          1. re: Cheese Boy

            The halal chicken on rice on the SW corner of 6th Avenue and 53rd is the best.

          2. Koronet Pizza, B'way and 110. HUGE slice, less than $3.

            The egg sandwich special at most bodegas/small diners. Ditto rice and beans.

            "_________ over rice" in almost every Chinese restaurant.

            I'm guessing the dumpling/bings have been covered.

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            1. re: piccola

              Some I forgot - pierogis at Ukrainian Restaurant, and almost everything on the menu at Landmark Pancake House (including the pancakes).