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Dec 10, 2006 12:25 AM

best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale?

We will be in Fort Lauderdale for about a week. Do you have any suggestions about what the best restaurants in the area are? We are not concerned about the cost.....We just like good food of all kinds.

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  1. Not much experience in this area...
    Casa D'angelo has great pasta dishes and amazing zabagione.

    In addition, Marks Las Olas, while I have never been is supposedly better than the sobe offshoot which I like very much but have not been to recently...

    Here is a list of places I have been dying to try in no particular order, feel free to do your own research on these locations...
    Tom Jenkins
    Cafe Martorano
    Eduardo de San Angel
    Rainbow Palace
    Johnny V's
    Thai Spice

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      Have been to all the above except Thai Spice. I know everyone loves Tom Jenkins and I've been three times, but still don't get excited over their Q. Maybe I just know good Q when I eat it. Canyon is very good and very busy. Make a reservation if you decide to try it. Martorano is very good, very small, very crowded and VERY expensive. It is also VERY loud if you go late. Chima is delicious. The meats are very flavorful and the salad bar (which I am usually not a fan of) is excellent. San Angel is one of my favorite places all around. The food is consistently good. Rainbow Palace only been to once. Thought the food was very good, but not worth the prices. Only been to Johnny V's once and didn't get the hype. Food was good, but no great shakes. Also a see and be seen type place. I will try it again because of the talk on this board, but if I'm still not impressed it will be my last time. We love Casa d'Angelo for delicious Italian. It's especially good in the winter when the chef's mother usually visits and makes amazing pasta. There are so many restaurants in the F.L. area. Maybe if you are more specific with what you're looking for we could be more helpful. What's the "best" anyway? It's hard to say. Have a fun trip!

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        i dont get the tom jenkins love on this site, either. best ribs ive had in sofla are over off nw 27th and broward on saturday afternoons. heading west on broward, turn north on 27th and about 1/4 mile up the road in an empty lot next to tater town there are a couple guys that sit out there with smokers on the weekends.

        1. re: pilches

          any suggestions for a group? NOT a chain; looking for good local food, reasonably priced ($20 or less per person would be great). traveling with 5 chaperones and 18 soccer players (16 year old girls).

      2. Just to add a few comments on a few places I know from your list:

        Tom Jenkins..really good bbq; very casual atmosphere..worth a trip.

        Chima..Brazilian AYCE steakhouse..rodizio..
        great version of this type of restaurant that I've ever found, high quality salad bar and beef..beautiful room, crisp, professional service, extensive wine list..2 meals last trip.

        Johnny V's/Mark's Los Olas..I keep wanting to try these places but can't ever get excited about the menus(they're a block or so apart on Los Olas)..have had appetizers at both bars; which I enjoyed.

        1. Chowhounds visiting FTL owe it to themselves to visit Jaxson's for ice cream, just south of the airport on US 1. Especially late at night. Super delicious... and Old Florida tourism at it's best.

          But don't get it to go; sit down inside. It's worth the wait.

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            What is a good american, italian, seafood or steak restaurant that is around $30.00 per person?