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Dec 9, 2006 11:30 PM

that light-the-rind-on-fire cocktail trick? who knows how?

I recently read a drink recipie that called for a final twist--a piece of orange rind (about a quarter of an orange) somehow twisted to get the rind oil out, then lit with a match to impart a magical burnt orange flavor to a coctail. Well, without pictures, I followed the directions the best I could, and only wound up with burned fingers and a soggy piece of orange rind. (Not to mention a less than impressed audience!) Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or know where a video and/or decent instructions exist to accomplish such a feat? I'd love to redeem myself at Christmas dinner...

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  1. Cafe brulot diabolique at Antoine's in New Orleans uses this trick but they do it with added cognac. They dim the lights in the dining room and flame the coffee tableside for the entire table. The waiter holds the spiral orange peel high above the chafing dish and puts on quite a show. I've seen them pour the burning cognac onto the table linen for added drama. Of course, the alcohol burns out before the linen catches fire.

    I doubt there's enough oil in the peel to burn without adding alcohol. Generally, to flambe something, you have to heat the alcohol a bit to have it start vaporizing so it will catch fire. Perhaps soaking the peels for awile in cognac might work.

    1. try this... cut a strip of rind, light a match and hold it in your right hand over the drink and hold the orange rind in your left hand (with your index finter on the top end of the strip and your thumb on the bottom end of the strip) next to the lit match... bend the orange rind.. you should see a few sparks, then twist the rind into the drink....that's it!

      1. A waiter at 1620 in Little Rock was kind enough to do this for me. I had asked the bartender, who did not but the waiter said he used to do this and went to get the ingredients. He could not get the peel to flame with the brandy but was able at the end with the Grand Marnier. You warm the alcohol in a metal ladel before lighting it. He had a long string of peel so the flame went down. May have started something. The other waiters were watching and a couple of tables were asking what that was