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Dec 9, 2006 11:18 PM

Who serves a true Bolognese ragu?

Where can I go in the D.C. area and get pasta with meat sauce that's more than just "meat sauce"? I haven't tried Bebo's version, but I assume they at least make an effort there. A La Lucia in Alexandria comes to mind. Anywhere else?

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  1. Dino's near the Zoo. It's on the same side of the street as Nanny O'Brien's but across from that little strip mall. It's the corner restaurant. There ragu was quite good when we were there about two months ago.

    1. Teatro Goldoni (K St between 19 and 20th) has a good rigatoni bolognese on the lunchtime bar menu... served with a soda/beer/wine for $12.95. The bolognese on the regular lunch menu is more expensive, for what reason I'm really not sure... Might also be on the dinner bar menu, too.

      1. I had a stellar rabbit ragu on wide pappardella (sp?) pasta at Ristorante Luigino. Preceeded by a very fresh and crunchy fennel salad dressed simply with lemon juice, very good evoo and sea salt.

        Not one of my usual haunts, but I was entertaining a lawyer from nearby who suggested it. Pleasant place. Big windows. Good lunch service.

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          1. How interesting that a number of the places suggested serve it on dried semolina pasta. While it's true that ragu (meat sauce) is found on dried pasta in many parts of Italy, if you want true Bolognese, the only pasta is fresh egg pasta. I would definitely give Bebo's version a try, based on my sampling of the lasagna which is the northern version based on ragu and besciamella. I believe it's on both the lunch and dinner menus.

            The rabbit ragu on pappardelle sounds like a winner, too.