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Dec 9, 2006 11:11 PM

Casual, fun, good food (Greek?)

Looking for a fairly casual place that 8 people can go to over the Holidays for pretty good food. Prefer Greek, Lebanese, or maybe even Italian. D.C. and surrounding vicinity.
(and probably not a chain)...

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  1. For the best Greek food hohn, ya gotta come up here to Bawlmer and go to Ikaros or Acropolis on Eastern avenue. I have eaten Lebanese food at Bacchus in Bethesda and enjoyed the mezze but was disappointed in the bread.

    1. will keep Baltimore in mind, but not really thrilled with the idea of a few cars driving that far after a little vino...
      Bacchus I think has closed!

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        Sorry to hear about Bacchus. Chowhounds from NoVa seem to like a place called Lebanese Butcher, but that is far from my stomping grounds.

      2. Thanks!
        I looked up Lebanese Butcher, now I have a new post to make!
        Appreciate your input.

        1. Taverna Cretekou on King Street in alexandria is great. lovely, fresh, elegant but not fussy food, nice atmosphere, good service. even the olive oil and bread are delicious, and the greek house white wine is a good buy. in warmer months, a lovely courtyard.

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            I second Taverna Cretekou. Been going there since I was in high school in the 70's and went fairly recently and had a great meal. The fried kassari was wonderful! A plus is the neighborhood is beautiful for a post dinner walk/drive.

          2. It may have something to do with being Greek, but I find Taverna Cretekou to be an atrocious Greek restaurant. It should either have great food or be cheap, but it's neither.

            Best Greek food in the DC area is Mykonos up in Rockville. A great, relaxed place with excellent, no-nonsense food and some of the best tarama to be found anywhere is Athena Pallas in Crystal City. Also has a deck to sit on when it's warm.

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              I agree with kzzaaa about Taverna Cretekou - the food is not good.

              Another Lebanese suggestion (actually, it's Syrian/Lebanese, I think)is Layalina in Arlington on Wilson Blvd. The one meal we had there about a year ago was very good, better than the Lebanese Taverna, in our opinion. Also, if you have children with you, Layalina is very welcoming.