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Dec 9, 2006 11:04 PM

Advice on various retaurants

LA Chowhound coming to SF to celebrate my sister's birthday. She had a list of five place she wanted to try, none of which I have been to:

1. The Boulevard
2. Michael Mina
3. Gary Danko
4. Luella
5. House of Nanking

Any advice? Thanks much

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  1. You can do a search, lots of posts on most/all of those.

    The word on the street...

    Boulevard- very good
    Michael Mina- excellent food, mixed reports on service
    Gary Danko- mixed reports on food relative to hype, excellent service
    Luella- people here seem to really like it but none of my friends have gone
    Hause on Nanking- dunno

    1. Boulevard is our favorite restaurant to take out of town guests. Food, service, atmosphere are all outstanding. If you can get a table in the back you'll have a great view also.

      Luella is our one of our favorite little neighborhood places. It's not fancy but the food is excellent, great service and just a fun, quiet little place to go. The ricotta fritters drizzled with honey for dessert are to die for. We've also taken guests there and all have just loved it.

      1. House of Nanking- way over-rated - little reason to go

        1. House of Nanking is awful. Total hype for the way-to-cool set and they line uo like lemmings. Horrible food.

          1. Boulevard is fantastic as is Danko. I wasn't blown away by Mina as I think he is out of his territory when cooking meats but his fish dishes are very good. You may have some trouble getting into any of these three though so reserve well ahead of time especially on weekends.
            Don't know Luella but I agree to forget Nanking. There are a lot of excellent Chinese places here that put it to shame. For affordable I'd recommend Great Eastern on Jackson but peruse the boards to see many other recommendations.