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Dec 9, 2006 10:49 PM

Ya think I could make naan on my pizza stone? Ideas? Recipies?

I've been pondering if the pizza stone would be good enough to sot of simulate a tandoor. Anyone have some good basic and garlic naan recipies? Or should I just stick to the great sampler basked at Gangadin in Studio City?

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  1. We make naan on our regular grill--get the grill hot and pop the flattened naan on top. It comes out amazing.

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    1. re: Gabbeh

      When I was in the restaurant biz, we did that all the time. It came out great. Roll dough pretty thin and grill has to be really hot. Once you've flipped it you can add toppings, or brush on garlic oil, etc.

    2. Absolutely yes. Throw it on when the stone is hot as *^%&%.

      1. That is what we do. My husband uses the bread maker to mix the dough and then rolls it out and grills it on both sides. Then toppings (sausage and pepper or shrimp are our favorites) then back on the grill from a few moments. The bread is also great as is.

        1. We just use a cast iron pan. I think the idea is to do it stove-top or grill-top as opposed to in the oven, right?

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  , in india they do it in a huge tandoor oven, and I wanted to do it in my oven on my pizza stone.

          2. Got it. The recipe I have calls for making it on the stove top maybe because for many home kitchens you can get stronger heat that way? Sorry for the misinformation...