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Dec 9, 2006 10:14 PM

Puff Pastry in North Bay? Where?

Anyone know a bakery where I can buy fresh puff pastry in
the North Bay? The frozen storebought brands just don't cut it.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. If you have a Whole Foods in the area they stock Dufour frozen all butter puff pastry. Expect to pay dearly for it. I paid $10.50 at WF in Chicago for a package, a friend was in Oregon over Thanksgiving and saw it at WF for $13.50 (this is about a 12 oz. pkg...the new lb.) luckily she has convinced a local shop here in Bloomington, IN and we are getting it at $8.99. It is great stuff and the ingredients are flour, water, butter, and lemon juice. Their website can help you locate a vendor.

    Oh, and if you buy fromn a bakery ask if they make it for themselves. It really is not hard to do, just time consuming. Anyway when convincing our local shop to carry the Dufour the shop consulted one of their reps who convinced him that La Vie de France or something like that was Dufour's equal. When it arrived at the shop to be sold in single sheets from a case at $3.00/sheet questions were raised. Turns out it is stuff made for commerical use and was crap with no butter and loaded with presavatives etc.

    1. Unless you get it from a bakery that makes lots of puff pastry items, I have only seen frozen. It doesn't keep well and I doubt the average market keeps it on hand. If you are into a LOT of puff pastry, check out Smart and Final. I saw a box in the freezer for about $35.00 (I think). Might be 10 lbs.

      1. Dufour,an excellent product is available (frozen) in many stores in the Bay Area. If you are as far north as Healdsburg, try Downtown Bakery. They sell their own, butter, good quality.

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          I tried Downtown's puff pastry yesterday for the first time. It threw me that it was a "hunk" rather than sheets and that I'd have to roll it out myself, so I'm mentioning it here. No rolling pin at my friends' place, but we do have lots of wine bottles to do the trick! Tomato tart turned out great. The puff pastry is in the freezer case, $7 per pound.

          Downtown Bakery & Creamery
          308 Center St, Healdsburg, CA 95448