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Dec 9, 2006 09:48 PM

Bistro dinner tonight

I need a little help finding a place for a late dinner this evening. There will be 4 people in our party and we're looking for something bistro-ish, nothing real upscale or fancy. I called Globe Bistro and they are all booked up for tonight :( Any other suggestions? My SO has a huge craving for steak frites, so it would be a bonus if we could go to a place that serves a decent steak frites. Area doesn't really matter... can be downtown Toronto or uptown. Thanks!

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  1. Le Select would fit - great steak frites and fun atmosphere.

    1. I'd go with the Belleview (Bellevue?) just outside Kensington Market at Nassau. Great steak frites, warm and skilled service, moderately-priced, and it's a friendly cozy environment - great for a late dinner on a cold night.

      Or Pony. But I always say Pony ;-)

      1. batifole all the way.

        massive piece of steak cooked perfectly (we enjoy ours blue) and some meaty thick cut frites. everything on the menu is very reasonably priced from lovely fatted rillettes, amazing gratis bread, flavourful tripe, rich escargots, and a thick cassoulet. apps are about 6-8$ and mains can be $16-$24 depending on what you get with sides running you an extra few dollars.

        tasty, great service and an extensive but well priced wine list.