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Dec 9, 2006 09:11 PM

Eats Near Loyola Law?

I know that there was a posting on this on the old site, but for some reason it was either deleted or the search isn't picking it up. Hopefully this thread doesn't suffer the same fate.

In any event, any suggestions near Loyola Law? Olympic and Union, more or less. Not really feeling Langer's or El Parian today, so I'm looking for other options. I remember mentions of some nuclear chicken nearby but the name escapes me.

Any suggestion welcome!


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  1. The chicken is from Dino's, on Pico and Berendo (a block or two west of Vermont). It is a char-grilled half-chicken, marinated in a yellow-orange garlicky, vinegary turmeric yummy thin "sauce" and served over a huge bed of thin fries with a side of coleslaw and tortillas. All of this for about $5. They also serve burgers, carne asada, and pastrami, but almost everyone at lunch orders the chicken special. The chickens are flame-grilled in batches and you may have to wait a few minutes if someone ahead of you has ordered a half-dozen or more to bring back to an office. Great place!

    1. La Adelita: Pico & Union, north-west corner.

      1. has it gone up to $5 per now, wow, anyways, it is good, but it is very greasy too.

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          I think the chicken at Dino's is still under $5. I disagree with your description of "greasy" -- it is flame-grilled after marinated, so the only fat there is from the chicken skin. The fries are thin-cut and crispy, though they can get drowned a bit when I ask for extra marinade "sauce." My only concern when I eat in is that they can sometimes pull the chicken from the grill a bit undercooked (it will coast further done on top of the hot fries in a styrofoam take-out container). But they are friendly and eager to please, so they will certainly put it back for a minute or two if asked.

        2. You didn't state a day or time you'll be in the area, which could be a factor in choosing where to eat.

          I agree with the Dino's rec if you want a good meal and the surroundings don't matter. In addition to their great Pollo Maniaco, their pastrami dip is the best in town if you like that style of pastrami sandwich (not like a deli pastrami such as Langer's).

          Other places to consider: Pollo Campero at Olympic & Union; Guelaguetza at 3337 1/2 W. 8th St. for excellent Oaxacan style food.

          More Upscale? Try Taylor's Steakhouse at 8th & Ardmore. Good beef prepared right in fine 1960s era surroundings and reasonable prices.

          1. Car wash at Olympic/Fig for mexican; King Taco (Pico maybe?); The Pantry, Hotel Figueroa..I know there's more. Just can't think right now.