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Dec 9, 2006 08:42 PM

Christmas Desserts

I'm looking for some special cakes. None of the yule logs I've had have been very good and are usually kind of cheesy looking. I prefer chocolate. Any recs -- I like SLJ and Patticakes but don't know of any special Christmas items.

A number of the cooking magazines have done chocolate peppermint cakes -- unfortunately my oven is old and not up to baking, anyone have suggestions where to buy a delicious chocolate peppermint dessert?


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  1. I recently received an email from Susiecakes in Brentwood listing all their holiday treats, including a chocolate yule log cake, candy cane cupcakes, gingerbread cakes, eggnog cheesecake, and even a menorah cake. Unfortunately, their website does not list the holiday items, though they'll have them at the store.
    You can email them, get on their mailing list, and they'll send you the info.

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      Thanks for the info. I just put my name on the mailing list so hopefully I'll get a list of the Christmas treats soon. I haven't tried their cakes-- what are they like?

      1. re: ellink

        You're welcome.

        There are lovers and haters of SusieCakes on this board, but I personally found the cupcakes to be sweet, cookies solid, and whoopie pie incredible. Service is also very personable. I have yet to try a slice of cake there, though they have a delicious looking 6 layer chocolate one.