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Dec 9, 2006 08:30 PM

black bean cake/patty/fritter

Finalizing my menu for the family chanukkah gathering, and i'd like to make some kind of black bean patty for a vegetarian main dish, and side dish for everyone else. So, no ham hock or dairy should be involved, since it's a kosher style meal.

I'd also prefer to bake them rather than frying, because in my tiny kitchen, i can't be frying the latkes appetizer AND part of the main meal. I'd love to be able to do most of the prep work the day before too if possible.

Any recipes?

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  1. Is salmon okay? I make a baked patty that is a mixture of canned salmon, minced red bell pepper and black beans. No dairy, but an egg to bind it. I'm sure it would work with fresh salmon, too.

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      no fish either! (i know, i'm difficult....)

      1. re: Nalega

        You're not difficult at all. I was dense.

      2. re: Glencora

        Uh, that wouldn't be a vegetarian main meal.

        I make bean patties all the time, but without a recipe. What I usually do is cook the beans with onions, garlic and whatever seasoning until they're fairly thick and slightly mashed. Chill completely.

        Taste and adjust seasoning. Then add binder - rolled oats, breadcrumbs, etc. - until it holds together. Form into patties, dredge in flour (optional) then either pan-fry or bake.

        Make sure you don't skip the chilling part, otherwise the pattie won't hold together.

        You can add other stuff - cooked chopped spinach, grated squash, toasted nuts, etc. - for variety.

      3. Would Mexican style re-fried beans work? I cook the black beans, adding concentrated broth towards the end, puree the batch and then suate with (first) diced onions, tomatoes, bit of garlic. The final product can easily/best be done as cake/patty/fritter.

        1. The black bean "Love Cakes" from the Flying Biscuit in Atlanta are wonderful! Their recipe calls for sauteeing them but you might be able to bake them or fry them earlier and then heat in the oven in time for the party.

          It's the 2nd recipe down here: