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Dec 9, 2006 07:57 PM

Cheesecake Bars

I have a container of cream cheese that needs to be used. I don't own a springform pan, so I was thinking cheesecake bars. Seeing as its christmas I was thinking peppermint (I have little candies) or eggnog (I have some in the fridge). Also I have graham crackers so I was thinking of using those as a crust.

I have ideas, but no recipe! Can anyone help me make a great last minute dessert!

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  1. I would find a recipe for a basic cheesecake batter, put the batter in a pastry bag, pipe the batter into little rounds, insert popsicle sticks in them, then put in freezer until set but not completely frozen.
    Then I would melt some chocolate and give them a little dip, then roll in any number of crushed stuff.....peppermint..pistachio...etc
    Voila.....cheesecake pops!!

    1. Have you tried the individual cheesecakes made with Nabisco vanilla wafers as the crust and batter poured into cupcake tins.

      Here's one example:

      1. Try these, from Land O' Lakes. Easy, tasty, and quite festive. Folks love snapping up cheesecake bars, which at least "seem" less caloric than a slice of cheesecake. Ain't denial wonderful??!?