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Dec 9, 2006 06:53 PM

Website to Ship Polish Food - HELP!

I live in FL, my Polish Mother is in Michigan and I'm trying to find a good website to ship her Polish food. Any suggestions? I wanted some old fashioned Polish ham and golumpki.

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  1. Good luck! I just searched around for website suggestions for someone else, and it seems that we Poles haven't jumped on the Internet band wagaon yet! Try calling the Sikorski Meat Market in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (I just searched for a phone number and nothing came up, but 411 should help). They may have some ideas.

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      Thanks for searching! I did find out of Chicago and they had some homemade polish goodies I am having shipped. However, the site that I really wanted to order from that I found is, but they aren't taking any more orders to ship in Dec. My parents 60th anniversary is in Jan. so I'll order a Polish ham from them. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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        Thank you! I spent almost 2 hours on the internet yesterday and also found polana had the most to offer that was still shipping. One site looked great called out of PA. All homemade but they quit shipping already for December orders.

      2. My friend Ted has a butcher shop and ships. He makes his own kielbasa and pierogies and is doing a bunch of hams. (843) 577-0094

        1. Millie"s pierogies. Just google them. They're fabulous!

          1. I'm originally from Greenpoint and I go to the following stores for Polish food when I get a chance, however I am not sure if they ship so you will need to call them.

            Steve’s Meat Market
            104 Nassau Avenue
            Brooklyn, NY
            (718) 383-1780/2041

            W-Nassau Meat Market
            915 Manhattan Avenue
            Brooklyn, NY
            (718) 389-6149


            Friends of ours ordered Babka and Kielbasa from "Miasarnia" in Yonkers and had it sent to us two years ago. Both items were excellent and were up to par with the places I mentioned in Greenpoint. We now use them to ship orders to people around the country.

            Miasarnia Meat MKT
            39 Lockwood Ave
            Yonkers, NY 10701
            (914) 965-1665

            As for out of Chicago, my mother just ordered from them and she is waiting for the delivery any day now. This is her first time ordering and I'll reply to this message with her opinion of their products.