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Dec 9, 2006 06:12 PM

new restaurants in San Carlos, Redwood City

Has anyone tried either Azure on ElCamino in San Carlos or Andaloun on Broadway in RWC? Would love to hear about them as their menus sound tantalizing.


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  1. Here's a link to a couple posts on the newly opened Mandaloun in Redwood City.

    1. Is Azure open yet? I saw the big fonty metal masthead for the first time today, but the stucco looked like it was still moist. Do they have a menu online somewhere?

      1. Thanks, Melane, for the links to Mandaloun. Will have to try.

        Re, Azure, it is open. I have found two people who have been there. Pricey, but some items very good, especially the scallops and the rolled salmon. Lamb was reportedly not good (too fatty). I plan to check out this San Carlos place soon. Their menu is posted outside the front door. Supposedly they were planning a website, but, so far, no sign of one.

        Now for a new rec on an old place. The Uptown Cafe on Laurel in S.C. was recently taken over by a new owner who has turned dinnertime into a very enjoyable full restaurant experience. Not to be missed, their homemade parmesan bread and baklava. Our entrees were very good, especially, mine which was fettuchini with salmon and prawns, on the nightly specials list outside as you enter. The ambiance hasn't changed and, on cold nights, can be chilly, but just dress warm and get a glow from the food.

        1. We discovered Azure walking down El Camino in the afternoon. We went back at night to try it for dinner, and had to drive around the block looking for it.
          The appetizers and salads were wonderful. I thought my main (a fish dish) was a little "heavy" with the sauce. My husband had a pork dish and raved about the sausage that came with it. We will definitely go back, it is quiet, relaxed and small, unlike many places in the area. Also, the owner had a stroke shortly before the restaurant opened and his wife and some friends are running.

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