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Dec 9, 2006 05:09 PM

New good restaurants on Oahu

Hi, I'm looking for a nice fairly new restaurant on Oahu that I can buy a gift certificate to. Backstory is my mother passed away early this year, and my stepfather has now met a woman, and to let her know that she's accepted into the family, I wanted to get them something they could do together, but I also want it to be someplace my stepdad never went with my Mom. So if there's any restaurants that opened in the past year and a half, I'd really appreciate it. They only have to be nice. I know he and my Mom went to Chef Mavro's a lot.

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  1. There haven't been many fine dining spots open here in some time. The winner for the Best New Restaurant on Oahu at the recent Hale Aina awards went to Macaroni Grill so that gives you an idea of the slim pickings. Perhaps The Bistro at Century Center? It's only been open about three years so it might be a good choice.

    The new manager at Hoku's, who is a young Frenchman, has said that The Bistro is one of his favorites. He remarked on the excellence of service saying it is equal to what you find at the finest restaurants in Paris, and complimented the cusine as well.

    1. If you're looking for not-quite-so-fancy places you might want to send them to Hakkei which opened earlier this year. We went in April and loved it. It serves oden style dishes. Great broth with simple additions make for a nice meal. Check out this review from the Advertiser back in January: