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Dec 9, 2006 04:59 PM

Comfort Food - St. Louis

Maybe this isn'r a Chowhoundish topic, but there are times I crave comfort food, especially during this cold season. Anyplace for really good chicken n' dumplings, meatloaf, etc.? Thanks!

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  1. I like the meatloaf at The Pitted Olive. It's made with sirloin, wrapped in bacon, and is finished on the grill. Get it with some potato pancakes or roasted butternut squash.

    Also, the pasta at Iron Barley is pretty warming. The meat in the pasta is your choice of chicken, bacon, and shrimp. Get it with the smoked chicken and bacon. It comes in a big Jethro bowl and there is definitely plenty for leftovers.

    Sometimes IB has a beef stroganoff special. A big bowl of beef, mushrooms, and spaetzle in a rich sauce.

    Both TPO and IB have great soups too.

    1. Go to JaDens on Martin Luther King for some great comfort food, but it's only open till 5:00. It's lunch or carry out. This is some of the best comfort food in town - I don't know if I'd call it Soul Food, but they have great meats, vegetables, casseroles etc served by very friendly people.

      1. If you like meat/potato/veg meals where the meat is carved in front of your eyes, you should try Beffa's. Only open at lunch, it is the hangout of the Archbishop, the Chief of Police, the Mayor, and TV personalities - they want their privacy, so Beffa's does not have a sign on the door or an entry in the phone book. It is in a plain brick building on the southwest corner of Beaumont and Olive, in the shadow of AG Edwards. NOTE: Beffa's does not post prices anywhere in the restaurant so you find out the cost of your meal when the cashier adds everything up mentally and tells you your total.

        1. Try Sweetie Pies at both the West Florissant and the Manchester Road locations. Also try Delmonico's on Olive and Euclid just north of the CWE. Both are sould food places, its as comforting as it gets.

          1. I just went to Hodak's in South St. Louis for the first time yesterday. Great comfort food. I blogged it at