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Dec 9, 2006 04:24 PM

Rehearsal Dinner in Dallas

I need some recommendations for a large rehearsal dinner: perhaps as many as 75-100 people. We are staying at the WEstin and the Fairmont Hotels for the wedding.

My thoughts are:
Stephen Pyles
York StreetNick & Sams
Marie Gabrielle

Has anyone been to a large private party at any of these places?

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  1. Knock York Street definately off your list. Way too small.

    I would reserve waaaay in advance. You would take over Abacus and probably have to close the place down for the night.

    1. Thanks, York sTreet is off the list. What about Dakotas , Oceanaire, or Nick & Sams, or Stephen Pyles?

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        Nick and Sams has a really nice private room. They could easly accomodate your party. Stephan Pyles has a nice room as well. It appears that it could hold a party of your size. Nick and Sams private room has little more of a darker more elegance to it, with wine shelves all around the room. Stephan Pyles also has nice lighting but, its brigher and more modern minimalist. Nick and Sams is steak and Stephan Pyles is Southwestern "haute" cuisine. Both are great choices.

      2. Dakota's isn't bad, but I think its kinda small too. I've never been to Oceanaire or Nick & Sam's.

        I would say Abacus or Stephn Pyles.

        1. Thank you soooooo much:
          Its either Stephen Pyles or Nick & Sams !!
          I will visit both next week, you have really narrowed the field.

          1. Did we mention Marie Gabrielle? How is this restaurant?