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Dec 9, 2006 03:48 PM

Katz Deli

I have been to Katz deli over by Yorkdale. Many moons ago. Just wanted to know any other locations by the down town core area? And whats everybodys takes on the food there? Just wondering Tour boi

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  1. Katz's Deli? Had lunch there a couple of times years ago. Feh! Bubbe would not be pleased.

    1. I've mentioned them on other threads. I don't think bubbe would be all THAT put out. Most of our bubbes didn't cure deli meats. They don't have any other locations.

      They've been in business for more than thirty years, expanded three times, and kept everything pretty much the same through it all. Unlike, say, Pickle Barrel, Shopsys, and Switzers, what has always been good still is. (What never was good still isn't.)

      They make all of their own deli, which is unique in Toronto. Their cure is not traditional, but doesn't have the appalling chemical taste of many industrial cures. Their pastrami, ordered medium with their "pastrami sauce", is machine sliced and too dry without the sauce, but it tastes good. Corned beef is also dryish but good. Chopped liver (with egg) also dryish but OK. Beef knishes are actually strudel--dough inconsistent, but filling delicious with that pastrami sauce. Great cabbage rolls. The hot dogs have natural casings and the salamis can be hung to dry, but neither has enough flavour to be great. Soups are boring. Fries are fresh cut, but middling.

      In short, one of the best delis in Toronto, but far from being a really great deli.

      1. I think memories are better than reality.
        I remember the old corned beef from my childhood.
        Even remember sitting in the kitchen of the original shopsy's and being served there, as Mrs. Shopsowitz was my great-aunt.
        Katz's and Pancers on Bathurst are both very good, by any standards.
        If you find the meat dry, just ask for it on the fatty side, and they will cut it from the double part of the brisket.
        It probably tasted better in the past because people were not so concerned with fat, and corned beef was always fatty.

        1. I have to agree with embee on this. Katz's cabbage rolls are great - very similar to those my bubbie used to make. I prefer their corned beef to their pastrami - the flavour and texture are better.

          Their cabbage soup is also good, as are the pickled red peppers they sell in jars.

          The major complaint I have with Katz's is the lack of table service - it's cafeteria style. And I also can't understand why this Jewish deli isn't open on Sundays.

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            Even worse, there is occasionally nobody available to serve at the cafeteria line outside of peak lunch hours. As to Sunday, there might not be enough business to stay open (it's a very big place) or they might just want a day off.

          2. Maybe it's because the area they are located in has less and less Jewish people to begin with?