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Dec 9, 2006 03:17 PM

NEED HELP! Korean BBQ for two in NYC?

Hi fellow CHs,

My friend and I want to have Korean BBQ in NYC, but after reading a lot of postings in CH, we realize that most BBQ places serve really big plates and we are not big eaters. Any recommendations for Korean BBQ where we can sample more in smaller portions?

I went to Gyu-Kaku (yes, it's NOT korean but Japanese Korean) in Cooper Square yesterday, with the hope that the plates were smaller so we could sample more. We were quite disappointed by the quality of beef. Though flavor-wise it was quite good, the cut of the beef was not of quality choice (despite the fact that we orderd premium for all our beef dishes). Now we are even more eager to find a good Korean BBQ place but only for 2 of us. Fellow CH, please help!

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  1. Yoo Chun (sp?) Its on 36th between 6 and 7 avenue. Last time I went I was unfamiliar with Korean food and they just customized what we wanted to how we described. Fantastic. The appetizers were a little eccentric for me though. oh and cheap yeah

    1. Hi. Do you mind telling me the beef dishes you ordered at Gyu-Kaku? I want to have lunch at the uptown branch soon and so would like to know what you thik I need to avoid..thanks.

      1. A great place for Korean BBQ is East. Also in cooper square area. Great quality of meat, not expensive and you can sit two people at a grill (no minimum order!)

        1. My husband and I had an excellent Korean bbq for two -- beef and chicken -- at Kang Suh, on the corner of B'way & 32nd St. (entrance on 32nd).

          1. Most Korean bbq places will require you to order two meat items in order to grill at the table.

            I'd recommend going to Kum Gang San or Kang Suh or Shilla (though I've never had bbq at the latter) and ordering either bulgoki or kalbi and one non-beef item. The side dishes will provide variety. It's a shame not to order a pa jun too, though.

            Take the meat you don't finish home and make sandwiches.


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              Hi Peter,

              Thank you so much for your recent post. I am even more excited after I read your recent blog on Indonesian restaurants. My mom grew up in Indonesia and it has always been a challenge for us to find authentic Indonesia food anywhere in the States. I am going to try out the restaurants that your reviewed for sure!

              Thanks again!