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Dec 9, 2006 02:17 PM

Knife sharpening in KC

I've been using those little ceramic knife sharpeners for years, but I think it's time for me to get my butcher knives sharpened. Where do people go to get their knives sharpened and what's the turnaround time and price?

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  1. Ambrosi Brothers at 31st and Main is the best. Cool stuff there too. They sharpen knives for most of the restaurants in town.

    1. Everyone seems to sing the praises of Ambrosi Bros. but I have to say, throughout the years, I've had less than great service from them. Some of our knives come back with hardly an edge. Yes, most of the restaurants I've worked at use them, and all of us wonder "what's the deal?". They can be quite rude. If you are a restaurant or small business looking for great knife sharpening, send in your cutest girl employee. You'll get great sharp knives in no time. Otherwise, good luck!
      As far as price, Ambrosi has a price list posted at their counter. Their prices are fair, as long as you get a sharp knife back. Another word of advice, the guys in the back like their espresso, so don't interrupt them on their break.

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        Yeah, they definitely have personality. I'd describe them as kind of East coast, for a lack of a better descriptor. They remind me of people I've encountered in shops in Baltimore, where I have step family. That sort of attitude isn't so common here in the Midwest, but I wouldn't describe them as rude. It's just different, you know?

        Anyway, I've never had a knife come back without a good edge. I'm sorry you had that happen--did they correct it?

        1. re: zataar

          Could not agree more. And rude is the correct word. Or, perhaps, condescending. My knives came back about as sharp as when I brought them in. Unless you are part of their regular clique, don't expect friendliness or sharp knives.

        2. Do they do knife sharpening at Prydes?

          1. I understand the east coast thing. Most of the time we get good service from Ambrosi, but sometimes our knives aren't as sharp as they could be. We've taken them back once or twice and they have indeed taken care of the problem. And as I've stated elsewhere on Chowhound , we do think it's a nice shop, with good merchandise and the best Global selection. Every once in awhile, someone from our kitchen is treated impatiently. Maybe that's a better word than "rudely." I have to say my mother in law loves them and those guys love her! She gets the best service. So maybe we should send her in with our knives! :-)

            1. Just got my knives and scissors from Ambrosi's last night and I'm really pleased, thanks guys! It must have been a slow day for them because I dropped them off at 10:30am and the guy said they'd be ready by 3pm.

              The handle on one of the butcher knives that I've had for a long time had a big crack running the length of the wooden handle and they fixed it for me without asking. And the knives are so shiny and sharp! I was washing the butcher knives last night with a kitchen sponge and it kept on slicing layers off my sponge. I thought that was pretty darn funny. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.

              As for the people, I had a good service with the 3 people I interacted on this slow day. I had also called the day before inquiring about hours and prices and again just before pickup. I don't need someone to have a long conversation about knives everytime but they did answer my questions and concerns politely.

              I wasn't sure if they'd be able to sharpen a pair of tin snips and the young guy took a look at them and told me what he could do and what would happen. I ended up not sharpening them. I picked up my stuff from an older guy (maybe Mr. Ambrosi?) and though he wasn't very chatty which is fine with me, he did make a joke warning me about the butcher knives being so sharp that I might end up slicing up the cutting board.

              I happen to grow up on the East Coast, but I wasn't getting a strong East Coast vibe. Probably my good experience was because it was a slow day and I was female. Overall, I'm pretty happy camper and I'm looking for more things to sharpen. Thanks again everybody for your input!