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Dec 9, 2006 12:41 PM

Biba's - Is it still fantastic?

Hi Hounds,

I'm returning to the Sacramento area after a ten years. Is Bibs'a still the best place to go, or has someone new came to town?

Thank you.

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  1. Although I like Bibas the "hottest" restaurant in Sacramento for true foodies in the area is The Waterboy. That is where all the chefs in Sacramento eat according to the Sacramento Bee.

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    1. re: dgb

      Thanks DGB. What do you like to enjoy at The Waterboy?

      1. re: dgb

        I have been extremely disappointed by Waterboy lately. Great service, but the food - meh. Two friends of mine had a really bad meal there after coming up from Oakland, too, and they really know food ... I think the hot restaurants in Sacramento these days are The Kitchen and Supper Club. They're not cheap - both are more expensive than a meal at Biba - but both sound incredible.

        I had a good meal at Biba two months ago - I think it's still quite good. Good bar, great service, some of the best gnocchi and pasta in general anywhere in the country.

      2. Biba is still VERY GOOD. Some kitchen changes, but still outstanding food and incredible service.

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          Thank you bennyboy1. What would you say is the best thing on the menu?

        2. Biba is probably still the king (or queen) in Sacramento. However, the Waterboy, in my opinion is the best in the area. Biba's is a bit stuffy and is often frequented by special occasion diners who only go because of the occasion. It tends to add an air of formality that I don't care for. The food however remains excellent. Biba has remained steadfastly Northern Italian and the food is first rate. Waterboy is much more casual and the service is first rate. The food is fantastic,especially the sweetbreads and the fresh fish of the day. Overall, I think they are the two best restaurants in Sac.

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          1. re: HungryinSac

            Thank you HungryinSac. It seems like I'm going to have to try to get reservations at both places!

            1. re: DowntownHound

              Actually, if you are not into formality, try sitting at the bar at Biba. You can get the entire menu there and you don't need reservations. Plus you get the added benefit of listening to the pianist.

          2. Try the asparugus w/proscuitto at Biba's

            1. have the lasagne if it's the right day! it's too die for

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                Wow... sounds like I might have to enjoy two meals at Biba's!