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Best eats in Las Vegas Chinatown

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Recently moved to vegas and wondering what places to eat in chinatown..Both cheap eats and higher end places

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  1. Well, it's not Chinese, but Pho Vietnam was superb. It's a bit of a dive in one of those non-descript strip malls, but---oh man!---do they have great pho! Very cheap prices, too...

    1. I didn't know there was a Chinatown in Vegas. Where is it?

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        i would say it's on spring mountain and sahara ( they parallel ) between the 15 fwy and decatur. the most concentrated area of restaurants and shops is on spring mountain

      2. If I might chime in...

        what about Korean BBQ?

        from this board a few have mentioned a spot next to LOS. any info?

        Thanks, sorry to hijack your post, but I thought it was relevant.

        1. I would go just west of Chinatown to Joyful House. This is where a lot of the local Chinese community goes to eat.

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            Second Joyful House, but there are many good places in the area. I like Harbor Palace, 4275 Spring Mountain in Chinatown itself; Sun Chinese Gourmet for cheaper fare at 4711 Spring Mountain Road; and K J Kitchen, 5960 Spring Mountain Road.

          2. Don't miss Cathay House on Spring Mountain for Dim Sum!

            1. I avoid Harbor Palace as tbey have been shut down at least twice by the Clark County Health Department.

              1. I went to a newly opened restaurant in the plaza where 99 Ranch is located. It is upstairs and to the right of the staircase. It is some Shanghai style place, but it turned out to be really, really bad. So, don't try it, and service is awful too!