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Dec 9, 2006 04:33 AM

Fraiche on Culver and Main in Culver City

I read about this on LA magazine, and it seems to have really good credentials. I've never heard about this until the article! Is it open? I want to try it this weekend.

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  1. As far as I know, it won't be scheduled to open until at least early next year. They are in the planning phases right now. The owners are a few of the same owners as Bottle Rock.

    The chef is Jason Travi, formerly of Spago, Opaline, and La Terza. The pastry chef is his wife, Miho, who is formerly of Spago and Sona. It should be a great place and I look forward to their opening as well.

    1. Any more news on this?

      1. i went to a friends and family tasting dinner last week. even being the first public serving of food, its already way better than fords filling station.

        the space is nice, the plates are moderately priced modern italian dishes and i had a really great freshly baked gougere, a nice pasta dish and some wonderful salads using deftly sourced bright and flavorful greens (one topped with a house smoked eel)

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          That sounds like a wonderful tasting... Are they opened for service yet? Been hearing growing buzz about this place over the past couple of monthes...

        2. I believe it opened last night.

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            It did! And I went!

            All in all, the food looks promising. Apps were tre bacala, cod done three ways (crudo with baby tomatoes, cake with romesco, and in a spread on crostini, and wild mushroom salad with endive and frisee. Both very good. I had a lamb stew type dish, very rich, came topped with five ricotta gnocchi, but they were like good old fashioned dumplings (big, too), very tender, so was the meat. Not too big or small a portion; just right. Friend had branzino in paper, which I thought a bit bland and dry. She liked it, though. Skipped dessert, but looked good.

            Pictures and more details here...

          2. Great to hear it's open! I'll be there next week.

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              I went there yesterday with my wife and a couple of friends were sitting there we didn't know about so I asked the owner if we could take the table next to them (the restaurant was empty, about 6.30pm), this guy was the biggest a...., very rude and sweaty. Never going back there... our friends left also and some couple of people who heard the thing left too.