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Dec 9, 2006 03:46 AM

Best markets for when we cook.

I am going to Paris with my young adult daughter for a month (last week in Dec til end of Jan). We are both cooks. We have an apt rented in the lower 5th and would like some suggestions for food shopping. Will oysters still be everywhere? We are thinking of staying in and cooking on NYE. Are the markets still great in the winter? It has been many years since I have been-any help is appreciated. 1st post.

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  1. The market on the rue Mouffetard is excellent for shopping to cook! and the Café Mouffetard on the street is a great place to have breakfast... Their brioche and croissants are the stuff dreams are made of!

    1. Yes, oysters will still be there. In fact, this is the prime oyster-buying time. Markets are still good in winter. The best in my opinion are a bit far from you, but the market at Place Maubert is close enough. It's small but good. I live next to Richard Lenoir near the Bastille so that is where I shop (Thursdays and Sundays).

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        I am staying in the Marais in a month. What stalls at Richard Lenoir would you recommend shopping for food and are there any other markets you could recommend near the Marais? Thank you for your help

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          It's a large outdoor market. The Lorenzo seafood stall is good, but there are many nice stalls there.

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            Thank you for the info on Richard Lenoir. I will check it out when I visit Paris.

      2. There's an excellent book on the markets of Paris called “Paris in a Basket”, by Nicole Aimee Meyer. It covers all the major and most minor markets of the city, organized by arrondissement. It has beautiful photographs, well-written and engaging text, maps, and some simple recipes. Includes locations, directions (metro stops) and hours/days of operation. *Highly* recommended.

        1. I just returned from a two week trip and did alot of home cooking with wonderful results. The outdoor markets are filled with wonderful winter treasures and truffle season has just begun.

          As ChefJune mentioned, Mouffetard is wonderful and given your location is probably the closest of the outdoor markets. If you want to venture out for outdoor markets, there is also Rue Cler in the 7th, Rue Montorgeuil (at rue Rambuteau) in the 1st, Place d’Aligre in the 12th, and Rue Levis in the 17th all of which I found to be just wonderful.

          Also worth a visit given your location is Le Gran Epicurie next to Le Bon Marche in the 5th or 6th (metro: Babylone) which is a huge indoor artisinal food hall. Poilane at 8 Cherchi-Midi is near you and wonderful for baked breads. There are a number of Lenotres spread out through town which is great for picking something up on a night when you and your daughter are not in the mood to cook. Have fun!

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            On the rue St. Jacques, just south of rue Soufflot, there are a number of wonderful shops.. butcher, greengrocer, an appetizer place and a wonderful vietnamese takeout. that's not far from the rue Mouffetard...

          2. Thanks to everyone for your kind and helpful responses.