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Dec 9, 2006 03:24 AM

Outstanding Potato Target????

I'm embarrassed to admit this but my new favorite potato chip is from that bullseye brandishing bastion of big business...Target. On a recent trip to buy holiday lights (who knew there were so many kinds - nets/globes/white/multi/oy vey!) I perused the snack aisle for a tide-me-over. I came upon a section by the maker "Archer Farms" which I gather is one of their store brands. I selected the Rosemary and Olive Oil Thick Cut Potato Chips. The ingredients list was good indication of the quality of its contents. 4 simple ingredients: Russett Potatoes, Rosemary, Olive Oil and Kosher salt. The chips are heartily cut and crisp without being cracker-like (as so many thick-cut chips are). The flavors of the salt, olive oil, and rosemary mingle and boost eachother, no one overwhelming another...and even with these assertive ingredients, the earthy flavor of the russett is still present. I wax poetic about a chip but what a pleasant surprise in the midst of the hyper-processsed bags-o-cholesterol surrounding it. And who better to appreciate this than fellow chowhounds?

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  1. I like those kettle cooked chips with the fancy seasonings. But despite (because of?) the junk they put in them, a bag of Lays can be pretty tasty.

    To keep it on topic, are there any great chips (not fries) in the Boston area? Any restaurants make there own for lunch or something?

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      They're sometimes on the menu at City Bar (which I think means they're also on the bar menu at Azure)--and when they are, they're really well-made.

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        North Street Grill makes there own chips. But, I haven't been since the chef left.

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          Mandrake in Beverly makes their own chips and they're delicious (and a bit spicy). If you ask, they just keep bringing them!!

        2. We fell in love with a version of these that we bought at Angel Foods in Provincetown this year. The brand is Solea and they do make other flavors. They may be at Whole Foods. I don't buy anything from that section so I don't remember seeing them.

          Here is an link so you can see what you are seeking.

          1. I'm not into fancy-shmancy flavors, but for a classic potato chip I very much enjoy Wachusett. Not to salty or greasy and nicely sized chips (read: Big!)

            1. Green Street Grill in Cambridge has superb homemade chips, great at the bar with one of their excellent coctails, but a tad pricey, $3 or 4 (can't remember) for a smallish bowl, but very satisfying. In fact, I enjoyed the chips and a cocktail at the bar more than my dinner, which was just OK, nothing special.

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                Oh yes, those are good. A bit greasy but so much the better.

              2. I love Target's Rosemary Olive Oil chips--none of the other flavors come close. My other standby is Kettle Chips Spicy Thai, available at Market Basket.