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Dec 9, 2006 03:17 AM


Best eats in Durango? Interested in modest prices. I'll be doing a lot of skiing there this year and look forward to trying out lotsa places. Thanks.

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  1. It's been quite a few years since I was in Durango but I used to spend a lot of time there and was in the restaurant biz there.At that time Sweeney's was a favorite dinner spot and also the Ore House.There was a great Italian place owned by the same people that owned the Ore House but I can't remember the name.
    For breakfast the Durango Diner was a really good place.I'm sure there are a lot more eateries now but there were a lot of good places then,I'm sure you'll be well fed.
    There was an "off the beaten path" taco shop that all the locals went to called Griego's Tacos.If it's still there give it a try.
    Durango 's Mexican food wasn't that good,mostly geared to the tourist trade and Margaritas were what everyone mentioned never the food.

    1. The Hamilton Chop House at Tamarron resort is fabulous, though a little pricey. You have got to try it. They serve great steaks, fresh fish, wild game and a lot of nightly specials. It is about 10 miles from the ski area. South of town in the Wall Mart mall there is the Mongolian Grill which serves great Chinese food for a very modest price. They also have a smaller version of the "Mongolian Grill" concept. Tequila's, downtown, is probably the best Mexican food, and it isn't too expensive. For breakfast or lunch Oscar's or Durango Diner are both great with good value.

      1. If you like barbecue, try Serious Texas BBQ. Two locations, one north and one south of downtown. Filling, informal and really good. Le Rendezvous in Main Street offers excellent and reasonable lunches and dinners. BeauJo's, one of several in Colorado, makes enormous, filling pizzas and other Italian food. It's on Camino Real, the major north-south thoroughfare. Carver's on Main Street started out as a bakery and brewpub and morphed into a restaurant and brewpub. Reasonable prices. Locals' favorite. The Durango Diner, also on Main Street, is the classic greasy spoon. I like the Mexican fare at Gaspacho's and Tequila's, both in town. East by Southwest has really good Asian fushion fare but isn't cheap). Check out the Dining Diary on for other recommendations.

        1. For a little higher end experience try Seasons on Main St. Been going for years and have never been disappointed. Very nice wine list, too.

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            Second the rec for Seasons. We had a pork tenderloin there, that I still remember to this day. It was summer so we ate in their outside courtyard. I got engaged to my wife that day, so maybe I was in an especially good mood that day, but it was still wonderful.

          2. Seconding that emotion for Serious Texas BBQ...thumbs up from this Texas boy. Try the pulled pork sandwich with their chipotle cherry salsa. Outstanding.

            Also a good call on the Ore House for a splurgy meal. Very good food, service and ambiance.

            My favorite hang in Durango is Lady Falconburgh's Barley Emporium. Total top drawer brewpub with a dizzying array of suds from which to choose. Food is solid and sometimes excellent pub fare...I never had a bad dish in 7 years of traveling the area on business. Plus they have free wifi.

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              I'll throw in a rec for Lady Falconburgh's, too. Was going to throw this one in my post but couldn't remember the name! Probably because by the time I usually leave the place I have a hard time remembering the day, let alone anything of importance. A great place to try an array of local microbrews as well as other obscure and not-so-obscure brews on tap.