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Dec 9, 2006 02:55 AM

Ideas for romantic New Year's Eve dinner at home?

We both enjoy cooking,and do it often. We like to do it together and often spend our Saturday nights drinking some wine and spending some time in the kitchen. Often, good pasta dishes or risotto or lamb chops or variations of roasted chicken or homemade soups. For New Year's we want to do something *special*. Andy thoughts? THANKS

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  1. Hmm.. Oso Bucco can test the culinary chops of a good home chef and the time to prepare allows the house to take on a great fragrance and you have time to visit and enjoy some fine wine along the way. Of a similar vein would be a good Boulibasse. Working on a rich flavorful stock then layering in some great seafood can make a great meal.

    If you want to break it down - maybe a course of Moules Meuniere or Oysters Rockefeller, a great light salad (I really like the variations out there right now with some bleu cheese, candied walnut/pecan and pear/apple), then take on a great pasta dish - I would think a creamy carbonara would be nice and then wrap it up with a nice grilled fish with some well seasoned roasted veggies. I'll let you figure out what to do for dessert. :)


    1. I'm part of a cooking couple, too, and one thing we love to do is to put together a dish of cold appetizery foods and munch on them while drinking wine and talking. It's not cooking, but it takes some thought to put together a nice plate of cheeses and marinated veggies, and it creates a long meal with no stress. As a rule, for a dinner that's romantic and close, I would avoid multiple courses and messy techniques. You don't want to have an unexpected meltdown when your Hollandaise curdles or anything. Simple, reliable favorites using the special ingredients you only occasionally splurge on make for diners who won't be distracted from the food or each other.