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Dec 9, 2006 01:56 AM

When do you eat your salad?

At restaurants, salad being the easiest thing to serve quickly is a good enough reason to eat it first. But at home I eat salad last. Is this just me?

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  1. Pretty common to serve after the heavy stuff as a palate cleanser before cheese course, dessert. Once I tried it I liked it if it was a graduated dish sorta meal. I am more a home style gal so I like it all on the table..... horrid I know

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    1. re: torty

      Why horrid? I grew up having two-course meals, with main dish and all sides, including salad, on the table at once, then dessert - if we were having it - after, and this certainly how everyday meals go at our house now. That's life if you don't have a ton of time to cook and unwind each day. Of course, we do multi-course meals when we have time or for occasions, in which case, sometimes salad comes before the entree, and sometimes it comes after, depending on the menu and our mood.

      1. re: Caitlin McGrath

        I meant that some folks do not like all the food out at the same time. Personally per your scenario - that is life , and I like it that way

    2. I eat salad w/the main course, as a vegetable. i eat cheese, if i'm going to have it, beforehand, and dessert is fruit if anything. this is southern-italian, which i learned from my family, however i feel it's most comfortable for my digestion.

      1. I eat it after my main course if at all possible. It seems to aid digestion for what reason I know not and I tend to eat less of a main course if I know it is coming. I don't mind eating it first if that is how I am served but I dislike it served with the meal. A good salad should stand by itself.

        1. Depends on the salad, the meal and my mood. A bistro-style salad with lardons, croutons, minced garlic and a thick mustardy dressing only works as a stater. If the meal is Italian, the salad is simple and always goes after the main, which is also where I like it when dining on fish. Roast poultry I often plate with flavourful greens dressed with some of the roasting juices.

          1. I grew up in a food-phobic household where you ate your salad first so that you fill up on veggies before protein/carbs. If you need to trick yourself into eating vegetables, I guess it's a good strategy, but I'm prone to sauteeing some garil green beans at 11:00 at night for a snack, so I don't have that problem.