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Dec 9, 2006 01:30 AM

Falai - any feedback??

any recommended must have dishes?

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  1. gnudi. divine.

    they had a sea urchin trio special app when i went last, that was good too.

    1. Went here tonight and had some really fabulous Halibut with foie gras puree and fennel sauce. The sharpness in the fennel sauce perfectly balanced the richness of the other flavors. Perfect crispy crust on the fish and wonderful with the sweet raisins and pine nuts. The cod with chickpea crackers was also excellent, as was the octopus appetizer (perfectly grilled and not at all rubbery). The tortelli were interesting, but the creaminess was a little overwhelming and didn't do much for me.

      Presentation on all dishes was very well-done. The wine list is strong, with plenty of options for everyone and good prices.

      The profiterole dessert was incredible. I'd definitely recommend this place for a nice dinner with a small group of friends.