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Dec 9, 2006 12:34 AM

where to eat in watts?

hey hounds... where to eat in watts? can be a sit-down place or a taco shack or whatever. ideas?


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  1. This totally does not answer your question, but just in case you get no recs for Watts ...

    La Huasteca is only 2.6 miles from Watts Towers.

    3150 East Imperial Hwy, Suite 100, Lynwood

    1. I end up at MLK or at least used to...for work. Ate at a Baja style taco shack on 120 street a block west of Compton bl on the south side. Outdoor and indoor place, painted blue with a big parking lot, palm trees and ocean frescoes kind of thing. I know the owner, saw the kitchen, its very well run and food is great. Great fish taco's, ceviche, oysters, haven't had a bad dish there yet.